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About Us

About us

Welcome to Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd (www.tripncare.com) known as Tripncare.

Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt Ltd is one of leading online travel company. We are a web platform providing a convenient way to search the best rates for airline tickets, hotels and other services. Searches can be carried out in multiple currencies. Our booking engine platform offers a vast inventory of travel products for your customers delivered through many options of distribution systems. The company provides information, pricing, availability, and booking facility for domestic and international air travel, domestic and international hotel bookings, holiday packages, buses, trains, and international, transfer and car rental. We provide real-time bookings for more than 1,000 International & Domestic Flights and over 600,000 Hotels around the world.

We are proud that you have made us "Your Global Partner". We assist professional travel agents, home-based agents, freelancers and travel consortiums.

Do you have ten or more passengers? We are ready to assist with travel arrangements for them. The trained travel specialists in our group department can design complex multi-destination itineraries, and our extensive contacts mean we can bargain for lower group fares as we office in globally in different strategic locations.



We are a technologically advanced travel wholesaler and our IT department works around the clock to ensure quality service. Our custom-built online booking engine offers fast, streamlined searches of all our net and commission fares. You can book tickets for your passengers while they wait with our advanced, agents-friendlyy services. For those with more travel experience, we offer Distributor Login, Free of Cost B2B Agent Login and Corporate Login so even small agencies can receive one of the leading B2B web travels portal booking Engine. There are many advantages for agents operating with a booking engine, including expanded availability and fare searches, bridging our system with yours for booking and pricing, and transferring PNRs for ticketing. This feature includes our quality control software that verifies time limits, class of service booked for reservations, schedule changes, waitlists and more. The spirit of technological innovation continued throughout the years has empowered our agents to improve their sales potential.


Why we?

The Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd philosophy is to ensure that its partnership is actively involved in the decision making process. Tripncare is an organization run for the partners by the partner. We are open to listen to your idea and suggestions. We negotiate significant procurement benefits with numerous trade suppliers. The Group functions in a totally transparent manner ensuring that all its partners receive the full benefit of all revenues received with full transparency. This process is unique and is a workable model that ensures that each partner receives an excellent return on investment by being a partner of Tripncare.

The company has lined very qualified staff specialization in the Travel and Tourism domain over the periods. The team has in-depth knowledge of demography of the Indian/Bangladesh/Indian sub-continents clients and their expectation spread all across the region. They are specialized in Marketing and Sales, Inbound and Outbound, Online Segments, apart from Dynamic Portfolios Management, Yield Management and Product Profile suitable to global travel wholesale segments. The complete Management is well experienced and is coming from various International Organizations having strong technology acumen. Trained manpower to handle complete Accounts and Finance as well as other General Management Staff.

Suppliers and Service Providers

Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd. encourages and invites all suppliers, consolidators of all sizes and status. It is effort of Tripncare to provide web-based reservation system to push un-sold inventories and products to last minute end users worldwide without any marketing cost implications and channel management. Protection is given to ensure security of trade and rates within Tripncare partners group. Ethical approach at all times in dealing is part of commitment to service providers.


Procure more state-of-the-art, establish a broad facilitator network, strengthen relationship with clients, prepare an efficient & motivated business development team, arrange training of staff locally and abroad and create an ideal environment with sufficient infrastructure to attract the key players in the industry.