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Hilisha festival - the most awaited festival among foodies

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Bangladesh is a beautiful country of colours and culture and is highly famous for the iconic fish Hilisha. The production of hilisha mainly comes from the national river the Padma. The availability of the hilisha fish in Bangaladesh is always on, but during the monsoon season, the fish taste increases significantly. This is because, in monsoon season, the hilisha fish travels from the salt water towards fresh water which causes biological changes in the fish's body, resulting in an increase in taste. Maybe that’s why it calls the king of fish. And nowadays it becomes the Hilisha Festival in Bangladesh for the tourist. 


The unique taste of hilisha fish has often been attributed to the presence of certain fatty acids. The hilisha festival is one of the great festivals in Bangladesh as it makes fish lovers visit Bangladesh, which helps the country to make some money. The hilsa, or simply ilish mach, is a Bengali icon of ambrosial excellence. The hilisha, or simply ilish mach, is a Bengali icon of ambrosial excellence. People especially from India, West Bengal love to travel to Bangladesh only for this reason. As previously mentioned Hilisha is one of the best fish loved in Bengal.     


At the Hilisha Festival in Bangladesh, you can enjoy the best quality fish cooked in various styles so that people won't get bored by having the same taste. At this festival, you can buy raw fish and cook it in your own way with your own species and vegetables. Since both Bangladesh and Hilisha fish are significant facets of Bangladesh tourism, the government thought of combining them and making Hilisha Festival in Bangladesh a part of the Bangladesh tour package


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