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Tripncare for Corporate

The largest and easiest platform to book & manage all your Business Travels in a single point!

Made to fit your Corporate

  • Easy to use travel management platform, purpose-built for businesses.
  • Save more on business travel.
  • Charge international and domestic flights, hotel and car transfer to one, centralised account
  • Book Indian rail & bus ticket.
  • Book corporate travel, holiday’s package and medical tourism in India and Bangladesh.

What is Tripncare for Corporate?

Tripncare for Corporate —a corporate travel self-booking tool, presented to you by placidtripncare.com— leading online travel company, is aimed at empowering today’s corporate traveller. It reduces payment inefficiencies and potential corporate card abuse by keeping the overall control with the organisation, centralized billing, negotiated rates, while providing the employees and organisations greater flexibility, benefits and convenience for business travel. It also rings in big savings for all.

Benefit From Tripncare for Corporate

  • All the information you need, in one place. Keep track of on-going trips, future bookings and current spending.
  • Payment Wallet: Instant hassle free single click payments, recharge and more.
  • Tailor the tool to build a unique travel management resource that will fit your specific business needs.
  • Detailed reporting and oversight at your fingertips. View bookings by time, destination or custom labels to make better decisions for future travels.
  • Gain control of your travel costs using our free platform. Set customised budgets and track total spending by individual or group.
  • Reduce employee reimbursements and cash advances for corporate travel.
  • Take advantage of Best Price Guarantee on hotels, flights, car rental along with special corporate fares and savings on cancellations for flights.
  • Eliminate employees' personal credit lines for business-related air travel.
  • Receive dedicated client support