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Protecting your privacy is our prime concern and very important to us. The following policy will help you understand how Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd. collects, uses and safeguards your personal information on our website.

What personal information we collect from you and how we use it?

When browsing our site, you are required to log on with your log in Id and password provided by your administration staff or by staff of Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Member Profile

As a Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd. site member, administration staff can choose to complete traveler online profile by providing us with travel preferences, frequent - traveler or affinity numbers, credit card billing information and other personal information. This information is primarily used to assist you in making reservations quickly without having to type in the same information repeatedly. In order to purchase travel and/or related services through our site, user must provide us with personal information such as your name, Payment Method Credit/ Advance Float or credit card number and expiration date, credit card billing address, Date of Birth in case of child, telephone number, e - mail address and the name or names of the person(s) traveling .We may also ask you for other personal information, such as your frequent traveler numbers. We require this information to share with the service providers like airlines, hotels etc. to process, fulfill and confirm your reservations and transactions and keep you informed of each transaction's status. If you are making a reservation for one or more travelers other than yourself, you must confirm and represent that each of these other travelers have agreed, in advance, that you may disclose their personal information to us.

Automatic Logging of Session Data

We automatically log generic information about your computer's connection to the Internet, which we call "session data", that is anonymous and not linked to any personal information. Session data consists of things such as IP address, operating system and type of browser software being used and the activities conducted by the user while on Tripncare website. An IP address is a number that lets computers attached to the internet, such as our web servers, know where to send data back to the user, such as the pages of the site the user wishes to view. We collect session data because it helps us analyze such things as what items visitors are likely to click on most, the way visitors are clicking through the site, how many visitors are surfing to various pages on the site, how long visitors to the site are staying and how often they are visiting. It also helps us diagnose problems with our servers and lets us better administer our systems. Although such information does not identify any visitor personally, it is possible to determine from an IP address a visitor's Internet Service Provider (ISP), and the approximate geographic location of his or her point of connectivity.

Information Collection
What Happens When You Are Browsing?

If you are not registered with Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd for any online service you browse this Site anonymously. We do not collect personal information -- such as your name, address, phone number or e-mail address -- if you are only browsing this site. We do, however, use "cookies" to collect information about how our site is used. Information, such as the server your computer is logged onto, your browser type (for example, Netscape or Internet Explorer), and whether you responded to an Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd banner ad or e-mail is collected and tracked in aggregate and not linked to you personally. We use this information to measure response rates to banner ads and e-mail offers. If you would like to get more information about cookies, please click here about Cookies.

What Happens When You Give Information To Us?

Registration for Online Products and Services

If you want to apply for or take advantage of our online products or services, we will need you to give us some personal information, including your e-mail address and contact details. We only collect information about you, which we need to process your request, to service your needs, to offer new products and services, and to satisfy legal requirements. We will also use this information for purposes such as correspondence or to participate in online surveys etc. We will also share such information with our affiliates and other for the purposes described elsewhere in the privacy policy.


Before you can send confidential personal information or account information to us on the Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd web site, we require that a "secure session" is set up using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). For further information about SSL and the safety and confidentiality of personal information transmissions over the internet, please read the Security Q & A's. Whenever we handle your personal information, we limit access to customer information to those who need it to do their jobs and meet our customer servicing commitment to you. We use a range of security processes to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal information.

Information Use

We use your information to process your request for products and services you have requested.

How We Can Customize Your Online Experience

If you are a registered user of an Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd online service, we may now or at some time in the future combine information about your use of this Site and our online service with other online and offline information we have about you as an Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd customer as well as information lawfully available from other organizations. We will use this combined information to customize your online experience and present you with relevant online and offline offers and updates. We also use a "cookie" to enable our server to recognize you as a registered Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd online service user when you re-enter our site. If you would like to learn more about cookies, please read about cookies for detailed information.

What Else Do We Do With Information We Obtain?

We may also use your information to measure consumer interest in our services and inform you about other products and services. For example, if we obtain your email address we may use it to send you offers we think you might be interested in. These offers may be based on information you provided in your initial transaction with us, or in surveys, from information that may indicate purchasing preferences and lifestyle, as well as information lawfully available from other organizations. These e-mail offers come directly from Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd. When we send you e-mails, we may be able to identify information about your e-mail address, such as whether you can read graphic-rich html e-mails. If your e-mail address is html-enabled, we may choose to send you graphic-rich html e-mails.

Declining Offers by e-mail
What Do I Need To Do If I Do Not Want To Receive e-mail Offers?

We hope that many customers will appreciate receiving details of these carefully designed email offers. However, we clearly recognize the importance of providing you with choices by giving you an easy means to "Opt Out" from receiving e-mail offers. All you have to do is let us know that you do not want to receive offers by e-mail. You can do this at any time by contacting us at the following address:

Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd, by simply sending us an e-mail to All e-mail offers that you receive from us will let you know how to "Opt Out" from receiving further e-mail offers.

Disclosure of Information Policies
Do We Share Information About You?

Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd gives you a long-standing commitment to protecting personal information of our customers and prospective customers. This section explains how we share your personal information with others.

Companies Who Provide Services To Us

In some cases we contract with other companies to perform services for us. Examples of this include passport and visa services, processing orders, providing marketing support, deliveries, market research, collection agencies etc. We provide them only with such information about you as they need to perform their services, but we impose strict requirements of security and confidentiality on them in how they handle your personal information. Also they are not permitted to use information about you for any purpose except to perform the services we have asked them to provide.

Our Business Partners

We may send you offers by e-mail or other direct marketing methods (i.e. mail, fax or phone) about products and services offered by our business partners. When we do this, we keep control over your information, which is not disclosed to our business partners unless you have expressly authorized us to do so or you take advantage of their offer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that we do not give your e-mail address to our business partners.

Please keep in mind that if you take advantage of an offer from Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd business partner and become their customer, they may independently wish to send offers to you. In this case, you will need to inform them separately if you do not wish to receive future offers from them. In all cases our goal is to deliver offers to people who we believe will find them of value. Our communications are developed and managed under strict conditions designed to safeguard the security and privacy of customer personal information.

Participation in Credit Reference Schemes

Information concerning your account(s) may be provided to credit reference agency(s) as permitted by law.

Other Disclosure of Information

In all other cases, we will not disclose your personal information unless you have been previously informed or have authorized us to so do, or if we are required to do so by law. If an order of a court or government authority requires us to disclose information about you, we will do our best to notify you of this promptly, to give you an opportunity to exercise your legal rights. The only exceptions to this policy are when the order or law prohibits us from notifying you or when there is suspicion of fraud or criminal activity.

How Long Do We Keep Information

We will keep information for as long as it is necessary to service your account or to continue to provide products and services you have requested. We will retain information for a reasonable period if you cease to be our customer, unless the law requires us to keep it for longer.


We do not use this Site to knowingly solicit information from or market to children or young persons under the age of 18.

Your Rights of Access and Correction

A registered user on the Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd site has access to personal information stored in the profile and can edit/change the information at any time . Alternately you can contact Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd, 23A, 2 nd floor, Royd Street, Kolkata 700016, India or by simply sending us an e-mail to

Direct Mail and Telemarketing

If you do not want to receive Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd mail or telemarketing offers please call the help line number +91 (033) 4603 6143

Changes to this Internet Privacy Policy

We will use this area to note changes to our Internet Privacy Statement, to keep you fully informed about how we protect your privacy and your choices about our use of your personal information for marketing.


A cookie is a text file on your computer that reminds our system of your particular browser preferences and security requirements and lets Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd know exactly who you are. If your browser prompts you when a cookie is "served", you must accept it or access to confidential information will be denied, because we will not be able to ensure that the information is being sent to the proper person/s. Since cookies are site specific, only Placid Tripncare Travels Pvt. Ltd can access, decode, and make use of the information.

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